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Summary ActionScript 3 for ArgoUML
Category design
License Eclipse Public License - v 1.0
Owner(s) linus


The goal of this project is to bring ActionScript 3.0 diagraming possible through ArgoUML. AS3 is a popular programming language when developing for Adobe's open AVM.

The scope of the project is pretty straight forward (outlined below).

  • Develop just enough to functionality to generate (export) AS3 classes, packages, and stub code.
  • Common Flash (AS3) classes (all packages, classes, and interfaces)
  • Flex 2, 3, 4 framework
  • Adobe AIR AS3 classes

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*It has been said that ActionScript 3.0 is a little like Java, and sometimes like JavaScript. It isn't determined if working from the Java argoUML project is worth tweaking or not.